Saturday, April 6, 2013

Major Craft Solpara - a bargain

Major Craft Solpara - a bargain

About a year ago I bought a Major Craft Solpara SPS-902ML spinning rod. It is a fine rod and built using good quality Fuji fittings throughout.
This particular model, with a length of 2.74m will cast lures from 10-30g and handle line between 8-14lb. It is well balanced and is one of my favorite rods.

So, over the last little while I've been thinking about getting another one but one that would cover heavier lures for longer casts and, hopefully, some big bluefish.
I looked around the web and was nicely surprised to find a tackle shop in Cyprus selling the Solpara SPS-100M (3m, lures from 15-42g and line between 8-20lb) for a very good price and with international shipping at only 15 Euros, it was a bargain that I couldn't let pass. So with a quick talk with my wife (it is my birthday in a few days time) and the deal was done.

For those interested in having a look at the shop where I bought the rod it is:


Just a word of warning if you are considering purchasing something expensive from abroad via EMS: You will probably have to pay not only VAT, and maybe import duties, but also a handling charge courtesy of the Israel Post Office. I had to pay an extra 198.70 Shekels - which made the rod the same price as if I had bought it here in Israel - so in the end it wasn't so much of a bargain after all!

Tight lines!


  1. Did your email change when you quit the website? I emailed you the other day and it kicked back.


  2. Unfortunately I had to since it went into dev/null when I cancelled my Bluehost account.
    My new address is: nigelDOTfishinginisraelATgmailDOTcom
    Look forward to hearing from you....